Becoming the Killer Letra

No Such Thing

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Letra de Becoming the Killer
It's time to wake up the world

No mercy has ever come so easy
Finding reasons to push myself further
I've become the killer
Now witness the murder

Up and over the walls
This ends here today
Self tyranny
Bombs away
Take yourself down, break yourself down
Don't forget who you've always wanted to be
Do you still believe?
We shall see

Enemies will fall, hopes will rise
Shining through it all
Through the blackest of nights
Hopeful thinking, the old me is dying

Now things have changed
Now things have changed

With me
Hand in hand
We'll take to the sky
It's time to wake up the world
There's no more answers to chase
Because the questions don't mean a thing
Have I opened your eyes
It's time to start a new life