Letra de I Don't Care (Remix)
(feat. DCA)

Uh, uh, uh, Bonafide
Remix, No Question, DCA

I don't care what your peeps say
Ain't nobody gonna do shit better than me
Ain't nobody gonna keep shit realer than me
Make more figures than me
Benz to a GS3

Now what your friends feelin' me for (I don't know)
Cuz I'm a young nigga, peelin' in the two door
And I make alot of cheddar when I'm on tour
Dollar committee, you know cute be them hot boys
Aw, come on

Now I don't need them other chicks for me (Uh uh)
Put the seats back in the whip with me (Uh)
So why your ma's got it in for me
Because I'm Bonafide now, that's the way it gotta be

[1: No Question]
I don't care if you wanna talk about me
Cuz I bought you chromeless GS3's
All your peeps keep frontin' on me
Beggin' on me, dumpin' on me

I don't care if they're mad
Cuz we're getting it down
Takin' lear jets with me out of town
Everybody mad cuz you minked out now
You're iced out now, you Benzed out now

How many niggas get it like we get it
How many niggas spend it like we spend it
Jag trucks, all tinted, DCA, of course we in it
We come through leavin' 'em sick, cuz we Cris'n it
Wrist glistenin', and them big things
Chrome 20's dip in it
You a star baby, ain't no crimpin' it (C'mon)
How many crops don't like when I break you off
And your brother wanna hate cuz it tops be owing
They hatin' me for
Your ma trippin', actin' like we breaking the law
Naw, it ain't what I came here for


Your ma's gonna say I ain't the one for you, like
I ain't never made a call to you, like
You never saw me brought for you
And you know damn well, broke the law for you
When you needed me, like late at night
And I made sure that I hit it right
I bought you everything from ice to Nike's
You got it made yo, that thing was tight
And they say I live a thug life
Cuz a black bandana on a dirt bike
If you can't see me then it ain't right
Name another nigga spend a hundred thou'
When he copped that ice
Fought down these chicks from feet to head
You make other chicks stop and stare
Other cats want you, but I don't share
And if your mom's still hatin', I don't care

[No Question]
Can't nobody get it like we get it
Can't nobody spend it like we spend it
Jags trucks, all tinted, watch it girl
We just don't care


No question
Y'all know how we do
It ain't a game
It's the remix
True triple