Letra de Victim's Choice
Ready or notEehaw, looks kile I got a datem boysYou end with an ear if you start with a soundBreak in a circle that comes never roundOpened my eyes to see the lightThere you were to my delightHair in your nose and frost in you browYou looked like a bear but you smelled like a cowYou made me meal of milk and wheatI opened a vein and bled to your feetVariety, variety, that?s what I like to seeJoy the world you dirty old bagThis is the best time I ever hadOne day was an eternityHere?s to the years that you gave to meHere?s to the rain that flatters my hairHere?s to the smell of smoke in the airHere?s to the straw where I make my bedHere?s to the hole where i?m lying deadReady or notWhat I like is the incredible varietyReady ? no, no, noReady or not