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No Means No

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Letra de The Land Of The Living
there are those who are silent yes who talk all of the time their faces never really show the way their quiet footsteps go and when i greet them my mask is just the same i put no trust in the crooked and the lame if you want to walk just get up on your feet and if you want to talk just open your mouth and speak what is the ugly secret that you cherish in you heart the truth you can't stand, that drives you from the land of the living the land of the living a smile is not a friednship and those heart-felt words are cheap they are as shallow as a puddle in the street like the tear drops that you shed for the humble and the weak as you float over their bodies to the promised land you seek where there is no one to ask you who you are or what you've done you're a face without a name with nothing to explain oh, the dead who walk among us, what they take they don't give back see their hollow smiling faces as they ride upon the backs of the living the land of the living addition and subtraction is a cold and sober art but there is no place for taking stock in matters of the heart either you are genuine or you are not inflated with self-righteousness, afloat upon the wind but for all your bloated virtues, i wouldn't give a sin my allegiance is to those who are alive those who wear it on their sleeve, who do not run and do not hide foolish little monkeys playing in the land of the living the land of the living