Letra de The Jungle
I did not sail the seas or fly on the windBut I found the jungle and myself withinI found you before I found myselfBut to the natives I looked like everyone elseBrown skin under a tropical sun in the JungleAnd then I heard the bass and felt the wind on my faceAs it throbbed and rippled from an inland placeI found the sand and then my feetAnd I followed the trail of repetetive beatsInto the drakness, in under the trees of the JungleThe guitrar?s cries were like a flickering fireAnd I saw the light before I opened my eyesI would only find what I was looking forAs crawled beneath the brambles on the forest floorI had been here many times beforeHear the voices cry and see the sparks flyAs before my eyes in the stinging smokeA streaming beast is at the end of ist ropeAt the end of fear, at the end of hopeRound and round, beyonf ist reachTeh shadows flickered on the circling treesThe naives dance, naked and wildStamping their feet, and twirling their knivesNo one knows whta I felt in my heartAs I rose to my feet and played my part in the JungleThe bass is the love that I feel in my heartThe guitar you see is my learing treeThe drums are the sound that you heard from the startThey the are tools of the trade, of the craft and the artBut when will I sail across endless seas?And what message will fly on the wind to me?What will is see in the smoke and the sparks?When , oh when, will I play my part in the Jungle?