The Dance F The Headless Bourgeoisie Letra

No Means No

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Letra de The Dance F The Headless Bourgeoisie
Listen man, never mind who this isWe've got your wifeYea, your better half, your partner in lifeYou'll find her Volvo abandoned at the mallHer credit cards are in the trunkWe don't want that junkWe want the money, and we want it in cashCause there are ten sticks of dynamite stuck togethe with duct tapeThey're wrapped around her new perm, strapped around her little faceSo don't do anything funny, man, don't do anything smart, or we'llBlow up her headListen man, we've got your sonYea, your one and only heirThe scion of your loins the chosen one e picked him up oft the playing fieldYou'll get bis short pants by priority mailWe need sonne cash to finance our political aimsPut it in your work-out bag and leave it at the gymCause there are ten sticks of dynamitestuck together with duct tapeThey're wrapped around his little skull just to stop the constant snivellingAnd it we don't hear from you by tomorrow, we'IIBlow up his headWe've got your daughter, that's rightDaddy's little girl, the light of your lifeAnd all we want is every penny you've savedEmpty out your retirement fund and put it in an old suitcaseHow do you know we've got her?We'II send you her little pinkieYou can shove it up your ass and call it stinkyCause there are ten sticks of dynamite wrapped around her golden locksAnd only you have the power to make this stopAnd if we don't get everything that we want, we'IIBlow up her headForget it manWe're coming after youWe have no political beliefsWe don't want your fucking moneyThere's just one thing that motivates usWe hate your fucking gutsThere are ten sticks of dynamite waiting for youThey'll cover your eyesThey'll muffle your earsThey'll shut your fucking mouthThey'llBlow up your head