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Letra de Sex Is Philosophy
Sex is philosophy, philosophy is sexPorno VideoSex Sex x is Politics, politics is SexPorno VideoThe wheels are turning, everything is fineHer mouth is open end every moan is mineAnother dark hole in a clear, blue eyeAnd when I look there, what do you think I find?Something's happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clearMy temperature's beginning to rise, may I throw away my disguise?It's not love that I bring to you, it's a weapon, a lie and a toolAnd the fantasies that fill my mind, they're not tender and they're not kindThey're not kind, they're the kind, they're the kindThat kill(chorus)In the sunshine I pass all scrutinyBut when the night comes there is a change in meFor every locked door there is a secret keyAnd in every dark room there is a light to seeTurn it on, flip the switch, she's not a person, she's just a bitchAnd the only joy that comes to me is in the perfect execution of my crueltyLet me tell you what I see when she is stretched out naked in front of meI see who I am, and I'm afraid because it's not a man, it's not a man, not a manIt's a beast not a manlt was such a shame, I'd seen her around but I never know her nameHe'd been in trouble from an early age, a problem child full of fear and rageIn the school yard at the back, a security camera caught this violent actShe'd come willing to him, she only wanted to he bis friendHe ripped away her shirt, he called her a whore, said that she was dirtShe was pleading for her lifa, she was screaming, "Why? Why? Why?"He grabbed her by the hair, threw her down and kicked her thereShe couldn't believe her eyes, es he reached in bis pants end pulled it out-It's a knife!It's a knife! It's a knife! It's a knife!Is that a cock or a knife?(chorus)Are you getting what you want? Are you getting what you see?Is this the business of pornography?