Letra de Life-like
Life-like, a place to live and clothes wearLife-like, starting here and ending thereLife-like, maximising time and spaceLife-like, a happy smile upon my faceAll this and so much moreLight floods the open doorBlood?s rushing to my headI?m standing on the edge ofLife-like, crawling up out of the slimeLife-like, standing in the check out lineLife-like, eyeing all the pretty girlsLife-like, dreaming of another worldWhere are my freinds today?What gannes shall we play?In their hearts I can't seeNothing looks back at me but life-IikeA million souls await the call to rise and singThey stand and fall while in the clouds the angels count the myriad thingsDivinity and grace have etched like lines face of GodBut here it's very oddHis miracles abound but they arg drown sound of tapping fingersLife-like, a face for every double takeLife-like, the genuine, original fakeLife-like, in the lies you tell to meLife-like, a reasonable facsimileOpen your hand to meIn your palm I can readLong life and happinessIt's just like all the rest, it's life-like lifeIn the morning I walk beneath a shiningMy steps reverberate in beat with the m humanityThose murmuts fill my ears but the voice never heafAs I walk along that busy street and though there?s nothing to seekThe streak of the tears upon my cheeks are life-like