Letra de I've Got A Gun
All that you fucking got why don?t you give it to meThat Raiders baseball cap would sure look good on meI walk the streets at night and in my fantasyAll of the girls I pass have got the hots for meI want a million bucks, I want a limousineI want a jet to fly me to the CaribbeanYou?re gonna see my face on all the magazinesYou?re gonne hear me screamI gotta gun, I?m gonna finally be someoneI gotta gun, I?m gonna cut somebody downI gotta gun, I?m gonna finallly be someoneI gotta gun, I?m gonna shoot somebodyMy Pop is dead, my Mom si shooting methadrineAll that I know is see it on TV screenI kill the fucking starts, that is my fantasyThat fucking phoney geeks don?t mean alot to meI got no special love for realityI got no fucking views on foreign policyI?m gonna go dontown, I?m gonna have some funI?m gonna shoot someoneI gotta gun ...The AM-PM guy is bleeding On the floorThe city cops are kicking in the swingingdoesI turn around, I know my fucking life is doneIt's time to have sonne funI gotta gun ...I'm gonna Shoot somehodyYou