Letra de I Need You
i want to come home now i've been away too long i want to come back i'm too sick at heart and scared to go i can't pretend any more to you i can't pretend i need a friend i can't be alone any more i need you i need you now cut off, apart, isolated in my pride, in my hatred my face is sad and afraid black in the sun and white in the shade the night reflects it in every window i pass in evrey pane of glass i can't last, like this, i can't last i need you i need you now all those i pushed away they walk with me, live in me now and the silence of what i never said screams in my ears and pounds in my head but when i look at you i know i could never lie you see all of me when i look into your eyes i need you i need you now i woke up dreaming that i was dead beside you on the bed i smoothed my hand across your hip and lingered with my fingertips from beyond, from far away blessing where the shadows lay i whispered what i could not say how you took my breath away there is no world and i am a shadow you are no woman and i am noman there are only eyes and arms and hands the eyes that cut me out the arms that hold me round the hands that reach out to pick me up and lift me from the ground go ahead, raise me from mud then in the light burn me down and whether i live forever, heaven sent or am doomed to die, earth bound, it doesn't matter you may let the years drip from my face as the world turns round and round but as long as i can breath can lift my voice and make a sound in everything i am, in everything i do i am your servant, i need you i need you i need you now