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Letra de I Get Up In The Morning
I get up in the morningGo to bed at nightI turned it off, I shut it downI closed shop I'm outta townI'm by the wayside I'm up the drinkNot in the bl black but ut I'm in the pinkOh what hat was that? Did you say something?must admit I really wasn't listeningOh what a jerk I feel so sillyI must apologize I was busy gettingUp in the morning, go to bed of nightWell, I got my troubles, I got my problems-And someday maybe I'll even solve 'em butI don't worry, I'm in the grooveMy brain thinks and my bowels moveIn the morning, go to bed of nightFirst I get upThen I get downWell I don't drive, I take the bus I mustSay I feel like a part of the rest of usBot I don't trust no one no moreOh I'm not bitter, I'm not soreI know you're worried, you're all distressdYou feel the tension then get depressedBut I don't squibble and I don't cry'Cause, I don't care and I?ll tell you whyI get up in the morning, go to bed at night