I Can't Stop Talking Letra

No Means No

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Letra de I Can't Stop Talking
i keep myself awake at night i try to stop, but i can't fight that voice that whispers ceaselessly. the one that only talks to me. it tells me what i have to fear. it spits its venom in my ear it calculates and carefully enumerates its strategies. round and round its loves and hates it endlessly reiterates it never stops, i've never heard the silence of that final word. but i've got to stop talking i can't stop talking. there is no stopping a brain that keeps talking i know it's not healthy, i know it's not true. i don't even know who i'm talking to. but i can't stop talking, i've got to stop talking. all night and all day i have something to say. i drone on and on, though i know it's not true. i've got to stop talking, i'm not talking to you. the truth around my tongue is curled a chain of words that binds the world in a fever, all i see is captured in my commentary. the why, the who, the where, the when. let me repeat them all again. and then again my voice will sing. the praises of it's babbling. the arguments that i dissect are lucid, cogent and correct. and if you foolishly object i'll cram each word back down your neck (chorus) if i'm the talker, here's the thing - just who the hell is listening? and if i am not tongue but ears, then who's voice is it that i hear? i swallow, choke, and clear my throat. here comes another anecdote. a narrative of restlessness. of what's been done and what is next. does it love me, does it not? will this seduction ever stop? hear the clacking parrots' beak that speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks.