Letra de Humans
Phone you mom, you?re humanDon?t play dumb, you?re humanI know that you are anxiuosYou want more than thisClean your mess, you?re humanGet undressed, you?re humanI know you?re embarressedPale and hairlessStep right up folks and join the funSee the amazing ape with his opposable thumbYou?ll be shocked, amazed, even horrifiedThat so much can be so compramisedLittle monkeys making moneyNaked monkey looking funnyMighty males are strong and freeFemale monkey, not so luckyRocking monkeys, funky monkeysMonkeys sticking other mnkeysMonkeys wrong or monkeys rightMostly flexing monkey mightHumansNow you?ve lost your EdenThere is no returningIt stares up and out at youIt?s not for youI dn?t care, I?m humanI?m too scared, I?m humanI know you want peace of mindTo be with your kindYou won?t believe your eyesA cranium of unparalled sizeImmaculate if ill conceivedA sight not to be believedLittle monkey making money...I like other humansThey?re so very humanI know that it?s obviousWe?re all just like thisOnly human