Letra de Hello Goodbye
You will not follow meHello, goodbyeTake the first turn and head straight southA corridor of trees will lead you past a public parkRow houses of brick, empty onto a vacant lotTurn left, turn right, and look for the neon signThere you are, there you areWait a minute, I see, I seeHello, goodbyeYou three bring in the boxes while we move these chairsA place to be, a place to read, a work of fiction or historyTo the east we'll hang the door, solid oakTo the west bay windows letting in the lightA place to be, a place to read, a place to spend the nightyou stand over there and I?ll stay hereNow I see, now I seeHello, goodbyeYou will not follow meA prophet without disciplesA teacher without studentsA shepherd without sheepWait a minute, I see, I seeYou three, follow me, yes you three, follow meFollow meYou will not follow meThe blood of the oxen must not be spilt upon the altarAnd the smoke must be of white ash, cypress and fragrant cedarWhile the leaves of the yew tree will smother the brazen flamesYou hand me up the cup and I?ll read the bookAnd then together we'll all singWhat shall we sing? what shall we sing?You will not follow me