Don't Even Think Letra


Soul Is Heavy

Letra de Don't Even Think
You will never see me crawl, you will never see me beg,
For the pride that you have for the fact that you are you
For the joy you brought to me, for the pain you made me feel,
Words have meanings but actions speak louder

Don't even think about it, don't even think about, can make me weak,
Don't even think about,
Cos I still will stand for you make me strong

For is this what we have made for the rain, for the talents that you claim,
You still are human so just relax
For the hearts that you have broken, for the blood that you have been sucking, for the riches you have been claiming
I would stop you from your greed, because you got to know, that you would go too far,
For you shall never prosper with someones loss for, broad, broad is the way that you are on, you are running in the wrong direction.


For the love that did deceive, for the hate that you conceive for the the fact that you did what you did,
I still would stand

In Solitude, I am closest to life, to ove what drives me is loneliness, my heart is hardened, senses are numb, can't feel nothing, can't hear no one, is almost like, I am invisible but I would stand for I strong, still stand naked, not one day and not realize I am not complete without the Lord, I am learning and I am growing in my pain, but I reach out to the most high, for he is my keeper, love is my keeper,
God is my keeper


(Thanks to maurise for these lyrics)