What You Did For Me Letra

Nikki Leonti

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Letra de What You Did For Me
Deep in my heart of hearts There's a feeling so far beyond words Knowing you planned to die for me Long before time began Now a life that forever shines Leaves the darkness and pain behind Through your strength I know now That I'm weak, I am frail, and I need you CHORUS What you did for me Let a soul that was captured go free I did not deserve What you did for me You gave me forever with you The promise you made me is true Now I know I'm free Yes I know I'm free Because I believe What you did for me I have walked through the desert alone Without rest or a place to call home I have thirsted for peace in my life I could never attain And I have tried to build stairways That reach to the sky but no matter how hard I tried To give up my pride I needed to see... CHORUS BRDIGE Now I am asking you, Lord Use me to glorify you Although I fall short I am willing to be a witness That Jesus is living in me I pray that they'll see What you did for me CHORUS