Now I Believe In Miracles Letra

Nikki Leonti

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Letra de Now I Believe In Miracles
One gray and lonely day You came into my life Those foolish little games I played Had left me cold Like the world outside Your love was there for me To melt me down like snow Your grace fell on me like the rain Washed away my pain And you filled my soul Oh...everybody's lookin' for answers For the light Oh...the moment that you opened my eyes I got mine CHORUS Now I believe in miracles I see them ever since you came in my life I am And you're the reason why You give meh ope for the future now Just when the world around me came crashin' down Right out of the blue A miracle came true And it's you... I walk through pastures green I know that I am free You are the shepherd guiding me I'm no longer blind 'Cause it's You I see Oh...everybody's lookin' for answers I got mine Oh...the moment that you opened my eyes For the light CHORUS Oh... (etc.)