It'll Be Alright Letra

Nikki Leonti

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Letra de It'll Be Alright
Lately I've been thinkin', where is my life goin'? Has my life been shinin' bright, Is your spirit showin'? I don't wanna hide you, I wanna be like you, Oh Lord And I often wonder, do I convey your message Am I an example of your love inside of me I just wanna know, Lord, that your love shows in me, in me So please forgive me if I doubt, sometimes I just fall down You always pick me up, Lord, and I know that I'm forgiven 'Cause I know you are livin' in me CHORUS So forget the worries of this life and let his love shine through And it'll be alright, everything'll be all right Jump over all the obstacles that stand in front of you And it'll be alright, everything will be all right. Whenever I start feelin' sorry for myself I remember that you had to die so I could live to tell The greatest story of glory and love So if you need an answer, if you need to know what's true Lay your heart upon the Savior, give it away CHORUS BRIDGE When the winds of change start to blow in your direction Listen to what he has to say When you can't deny the power of the resurrection Give your heart to Jesus, he'll carry you away, carry you away... CHORUS