Glowing Inside Letra

Nikki Gil

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Letra de Glowing Inside
Happy, to let you know
I love you so, its true
Happy, that i have you
You make me glow
I want as bright as you

I'll always thank you
For the glow
I thank you for the joy
Thank you for the love you give to me
I'd always like glowing inside
With your love
Shining through
Thank you for everything you do
I'm glowing inside
Because of you

Remember, my growing years
They fill with joy
Because your there for me
You cast away my fears
You wipe those tears
You give me strength
Each day

(Repeat chorus)

Who knows for what tomorrow brings
My glowing wings
You make me fly
I reach
And i touch the sky because of you
I'll sore up high
So i am

(Repeat chorus 2x)