Letra de Pretty Babies
All those pretty babies
Playing in the back yard
Sometimes they make me wanna cry
All you pretty babies
Restless like young ponies
You're the ones to right the wrongs we've done
Live free, live love
Live it in the light
How I wish you'll live your life
To love and be loved

If I ever have a daughter
All the things I'd tell her
Still she'd need to find her own way
Don't let nothing scare you
Push you back or stress you
You can do it in your own time
Pretty baby, you can dance how you want to
My baby girl
Let the music take you
To a higher state of mind
We can dance the night away
Let the music make you
Understand the signs
We could be heroes for one day
For one day

All you pretty babies
You're the future's promise
Unclouded by the prejudicial eye
You can make a difference
Go change this world to better
Oh, before it changes you

Oh daughter
Oh daughter
Oh daughter
Oh daughter