Letra de Ode To Dance Floor
Hear up, listen up
Too soon it's gone forever
It's a shame, who's to blame
Where's my seven seventy seven

Like a wind, a breeze
A morning among Tsutsujis
It tickles, you smile
And then it never was
A wild patience, has taken me this far
But time is something I can't get my head around
A dream, a memory
We had a blast, remember?
I always had a crush on you
But now I'm getting older

Jackie Jackie, what's the story
Put in lots of hope and glory
Tell me that I shouldn't worry
That lovers will be lovers always
Tell me things including pink
That China is considered hip
Pour me some and I drink up
From your flower honey cup

You bring on the good times, good times
Can it be my waiting is over?
Oh, we got something going!

Nostalgia isn't ready with me yet
I wanna hold the moment desperate and tight
I wanna dance, til I sweat!
Turn up the music, everybody dance!
If we come to party we might just celebrate
That if I´ll never have you
If you will never be mine
It will linger in my body, it be written in my palm

Somewhere, somehow
I lost you in the riot
In a suburban sunset, at a suburban
Street sign
Never altered, glowing still
Like the oldest light
My love for you, will never ever go out

What did it become of us, why is that night no more
When 7 people listened, to our ode to a dance floor
And I set the alarm off
Cause i love smoke machines
And you, you had your heart broken
Somewhere in between
A slow stepper and a shugger

She said you couldn't call her
It all got so dramatic
It truly was fantastic
Dreidre, you still mad at me?
For putting out a dream
Like a cigg thrown out a window
And it landed in your drink

Turn it up, now let me
Turn it up now let me

Time time time, Is not a friend of mine
I can't believe we meet like this
Just to have to say goodbye
I know what a beginning is,but I don't get the end
Will someone turn the lights down
And put the DJ on again!

Sometimes when I look at you
It's like I'm about to burst
Cause I love you til my heart breaks
And I love you til it hurts

You sparkle like confetti
Shalifa Zizzi Rock
My mother Tiger, Beauty queen
My fairest Lancelot

Look at you all , you're like new classics
Grander then the grandest wax is
Brand new every time I see you
Rhythm is a running through you

Oh, you got the music in you
You will never grow old
Blazing from the inside you will always roll
Cause you're like no other, you're like Nasty 1
I think I got you figured out, and then you have me stun

On a silver jet
You ride into your fate
With a heart young of fuel
And your soul a Wolf Rayet

Let me hold this moment
Don't let it go, just yet
Light up the air around me
And blind me with yourself
I know there's no forever
And I know you have to go
But shine like you´re made of lasers
And then leave me in the glow of you

Leave me in the glow of you