Letra de Empires
Hold me close, pull me closer
Feel the rhythm of my heart
Although I know every word
In the books I've read
I know nothing
I'm a letter
In the language of love

I don't need empires
They'd mean nothing, nothing
If I can't have you
No empires
It's a dark road to Rome
If I should lose you
Nothing stays the same, I've learned my lesson well
If you wish too hard, it eludes you just the same
But my love is young, it's young
It burns the edges of my heart
I'm dying for you

Do you wanna dance with me
I know it's late, they wanna close up this place
But hold on tight to me, tight to me
I feel your touch burning through the waistline of
My jeans

And your love is young
Is young
It burn the edges of my heart
I'm dying for you