Subterfuge I - Shadows (In Fractured Tourmaline Mirrors) Letra



Letra de Subterfuge I - Shadows (In Fractured Tourmaline Mirrors)
Some might fly
Others fall
Some might defy
Others just crawl
Some might stride with purpose
Others don't belong
Some might set the standards
Others drift along

I was never content
Being one of them
Never trying to be
More than what I am
I shall always want for more
A new release
Deliverence that I long for
Is more than mere caprice

Please just listen to me
Breathe the acrid air
There is no sleight of hand
There is no hidden flair
The insults you are wielding
Start to sting
Please shed your holy essence
And forget everything
You will break like the rest
Recede your inhibitions
And come to me
You cannot run from this one
I am always there
Come join me in my unfettered madness
It may be cold... but it's freedom