Subterfuge III - Dance Of Illusions Letra



Letra de Subterfuge III - Dance Of Illusions
I purvey
The sick and the tragic
The venom burns
A fierce virulence that satiates none
Born of stone
And sanity marked of meaning
Another child dreaming
Breathes with me
Can you see it?
Can you see anything at all?
It won't leave me alone...

I am but devil
Pure as thunder
Pick your eyes from the floor
Your heads are on the chopping block
You never could ignore
Your patience I'll reward
With something more -
'You talk with God now'
Like candles for the dead
I'll spill forth to be read
You never could ignore me

Face down in her fear
She asks again (Why?)
I answer and watch aghast
As my response drains life from her eyes
Numbed and pained by my words
'I could never kneel before you!'
'This is not a choice you have!'