Astral Romance (2001) Letra


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Letra de Astral Romance (2001)
A nocturnal concertoCandlelight whispers me where to goHymn of gathering stars as my guideAs I wander on this path of the nightEmbroidery of the starsUndress my feelings for this earthSend me your salva to heal my scarsAnd let this nakedness me my birthMacrocosm poured its powers on meAnd the hopes of this world I now must leaveThe nightwish I sent you centuries agoHas been heard by those who dwelled in a woeThe distance of our bridal bedAwait for me to be deadDust of the galaxies take my handLead me to my beloved's landThe constant longing for your touchThis bitter ocean of hatred and painThis loneliness I need to be who I amThe oceans are alone as ISomebody take away this gift of mineNo charisma for the beast! But still I love you forevermoreCome to meDeliver me from youAnd from all the days of the EarthNo last words to sayOnly memories remainA farewell then, my path goes forever on