Letra de Procession
A Cradle Earth, horizons unseen
New world in thirst for the arcane
We are singers of the gone
We remember as along came life

A Cradle Earth, horizons unseen
Birth of one and a zillion sideshows
We are, we were and will not be
We remember as along came acorn

Another birth, another moss green
New world in thirst for the unseen
An empty zoo, a starlight vigil
We’ll have a visit as along came heartbeat

Another birth, another monster
Endless forms towards the stronger
Menagerie of a new world order
We held our breath as along came suffering

We remember farther the Pikaia
Gave the way, as along came sapien
The Cradle Earth, welcoming its newborn
Aeons since that very first acorn

Together now, in this timeless parade
The living lie, dead afraid
Then they saw the moon and found caring
We remember as along came writing

Such worlds were there, zoos dead again
After all, we should’ve never appeared
Spaceship earth through the fields of time
They understood as along came wisdom

We have been here a while
At the end of Pi as along came harvest
We will remember all the suffering
We wrote this in a tongue you will understand

Words and melodies with a
Touch of colouring
We were there and will remember mankind
Our kin
Aeons ago