Failure Of All Human Emotions Letra


Wearing A Martyr's Crown

Letra de Failure Of All Human Emotions
Lost in the depths of my heart
Through the years
All those actions
And a false appearance
The antithesis of life and death
Contradictions and waves of anger

The microscopic aura of consciousness

Screaming into the failure of all Human emotions
Go through the fire and water, have we really failed?

We have forgotten the essence of life
We've lost the faith, the deepest of knowledge
Can we recall all the good memories?
We have lost the faith, the essence of life

Arrogant manner, deceitful words,
Stranger in a cold hearted world

Keeping yourself in regret,
Holding onto your own sorrow
Feeding yourself to the light
And feel that there's no tomorrow

Evil minded and evil eyes
Wounds from the past
You keep on with this, it gives you pleasure
Now give me your soul as I smash you into oblivion