Letra de Release
Oh faithful ones we are lost again
In this violent sea of entrapping lies
We are gathered here as long ago
Others like we in search of clarity
The mighty gifts they blind us with
Reaching in and stealing our only dream
That dream of freedom found dead it's cradle at dawn

By fear plagued since birth
Will I ever find release?
I walk a barren earth
In search of sanctuary
Turth as medicine for a poison heart
Take what is left of the while the gods do sleep
This emptiness, this solitude, this darkened heart
It will be your doom
Someday my fears they will grow
They will outgrow us both
And how the demons are back again howling, scratching
Tearing at a tortured soul

As night falls like a curtain
A cry is heard through the roaring darkness
My soul left as a prey for these angelic yet deceitful vultures