Poisoned Pawn Letra



Letra de Poisoned Pawn
The sweetness
Of this dark friendship
Dead and forgotten

Honesty no more!
A life full of dangerous intentions

Weak and befallen
These ideals left untouched
Never trust the fallen

You gave the reasons
To treat this friendship
Like a poisoned pawn
I hate your poisoned ways
A tone of melancholy runs though my veins

Reconnect though the poison
All you see is misery
Crawl inside your dogma

A fleeting pursuit
Of happiness
Glorify the atrocities of your own hell
The lusterless sound, of your poisoned soul

A narrow circle of friends
Seeing lies deep within my heart
Shallow ideas of a dying race

Alluring smiles scratching my existence
A brainchild of the diseased
As a thought sinks into the ground
Another blithe lack of concern for your action
Glorify the atrocities of your own poisonous ideas

Running in circles
Relinquish all past mistakes
On a spiritual desert