When The Darkness Takes Hold Letra

The Nightmare Undead

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Letra de When The Darkness Takes Hold
No longer living in suffering
But at the highest of price
I've had a taste of the sickest release
On a path of which I can't stray
No longer the feeble and innocent
Now I'll be the butcher insane
For vengeance shall destroy my morals and soul
And bring forth inhumanity

My love how dare you dishonor me
I cannot forgive what you've done
With a blade in my hand I shall carve in your sleep
And your premature death I shall forge

An eclipse of the waning moon
My memory stained with the sight of your blood
For me to enact necrophillic desires shall bury the man that was me inside

With this darkness consuming within me
I will dig this shallow grave
And I'll bury your hollow corpse my dear
A murder not in vain
Infidelity has struck your heart, I'm bereft of reasoning
Since morality is void in me I shall carve into this empty shell of you
I'll relive this sickness again and again

As I cut through your flesh
Your crimsonic copper blood spurts from your veins
How I love this orgasmic feeling
Your arterial fluid covering my face
Your pale dead lifeless body
Shall succumb to the throes of decay
But after I've had my most cruelest of ways
And defiled your once sweet memory

And when the darkness takes hold
There'll be nothing left of my former self
I'll be but a killer, a twisted rendition of who I once was
If it wasn't for your kindly gesture, a fragment of love's tender hand
I would never have known this euphoric sensation
Power over death's twisted plan