Letra de The Silent Circus
I can only watch as you torture me
I can't say a single word because all the time I'm wrong and I'm blamed for the slightest things
There was nothing wrong with what I said but misinterpretation consumed your immature mind and destroyed what happiness was left

If you could only realise this is all your fucking fault
I'm stuck in a state of helpless stupor
Two kindred souls now torn apart from one
I'm now waiting for those words
Those immortal scarring words
From which you've burned your name on my arms, so I'll carve a heart on your sleeve

From out of the darkness to momentary light,
All the hellfire I could expect is no match for the sudden, climactic, devestating thought that forever I will remain a servant of my lost sanity

The silent circus of the damned
Forever entombed in this sickness you know you've brought on me
There's no remorse in your heartless eyes now I see you've removed the mask that disguised your face, so divine yet deformed
But never will I forget the look in your eyes when we danced
Our hearts shall live as one once again, like we'd never have died before

I've sat here in nout but contrition for wanting to see that smile that I have been longing to see for years, but momentary bursts is all I have had
I'll scar myself for you, until you decide that you want me yet again
Like a fool I'll rot here and wait, 'cause these bonds, so deep, will never break

Our hearts shall live as one once again, like we'd never have died before