Letra de Piety
Born into a world riddled with idealistic visions of a future beyond the grave
And everything we must do to ensure that we go to a paradise where all of our dreams are reality
We will start anew to eradicate all the blasphemy

Regimented teachings border pedantic and over bearing in a society where self destruction is rife, as the growing populous finds more extravagant means of suicide

Emotional salvation in print
No realistic empiricle proof
I'm supposed to believe that my destiny lies in the righteous ascention to a post-apocalyptic kingdom
Where the holy grant mercy on me
We are born into a world where death is all we live for

I'll be damned to your hell, I refuse to repent
I'll denounce this false doctrine 'till the day of my death
I wont live in a world where you propagandise your beliefs to mislead the ignorant

Damnation awaits me
Rejection from all that is heavenly
The sirenous seventh trumpet sounds
I embrace myself in blasphemy
Crucify what's left of me
Send me to hell for eternity
We'll chastise your faith with a crown made of thorns
A new era of darkness begins