Letra de All That Remains
To my unholy father
Justice is swift at your black hand
Humanity will fall to the deceased
Hear them begging for mercy, their god wont hear their cries
Your rule forever will and always be

Your hellish army shall claim the earth once more
The dead and buried will surmount their gates of soil
This vanquished nation is now quivering in fear
Their rotting corpses shall line their blood filled streets

They should have seen this coming
Without a blink came this judgement day
The reckoning for the mistakes of all mankind

Don't go to sleep tonight
We'll take your life in quiet slumber
We follow endlessly
Our faces - no remorse
A brand new day of man
The sun born red in blood filled skies
We'll take your hearts tonight, your putrid vision dies
The undead have escaped the grave
So joyously we'll kill, devour, rape and maim
We always claim our prize
And nothing can stop us now
Just another failure of humanity
They cry out "We repent for our misdeeds"
No one can hear your screams
In this orgy of dissection peeling skin from bone relieves us of the throes of necrophilic sin
This appocalyptic ends in sight

Feeble humanity shall no longer prevail
Iniquitous and impious, to the darkest lord we hail
Pray for forgiveness in atonement for your sins
We'll make it so the righteous wont set foot on earth again

You no longer rule this earth
The dying have fallen at the hands of the dead
You will be silenced in wake of this change
All that remains is death and decay