Devil Queen Vehemency Letra


Oratory - Demo

Letra de Devil Queen Vehemency
Devil queen I must be enthralled
By your black magic that rules my body
Commands greatness, I thirst your percolating blood
Like if every poem I wrote was redirected to you

Same place, same time
Satan's work has been done
Now its our time to annex
For the very first night

As time passed by I couldn't react
Romancing every part of your entity
Falling inside myself as we eye contacted
A glance of passion grows every second

Can't wait my princess to meet again
I'm different and will serve your needs
From every aspect of the beginning
To the everlasting zest about you

You'll be the one
That I will, fight for
You'll be the one
That I will, kill for
You'll be the one
That I will, bleed for
You'll be the one
That I will, die for

Somehow you have the key to my mind
Entering and almost never leaving
Tattooing marks of joy in my soul
Forget wasted days, these darks days proclaim our union

As nights pass by, we speak
Waiting for the equitable moment
Lord Satan how am I supposed to dwell meanwhile
Foretasted her steam I need to inhale

Poisoned by the her dazzling fangs
Morning breathing the vehemence I feel
Which grew the day we eminent
Throw yourself, I'm down here