Into The Path Of Ignorance Letra


New Flesh - Demo

Letra de Into The Path Of Ignorance
The path of ignorance passes beside me
In the middle of it a big cross shines

Identifying, even more their ineptitude
As I pass them, all their eyes are on me
Gossiping, pretending their supremacy
Expecting me, to bow my head down

Into the path of ignorance [x4]

Even if I had to die I wouldn't give em the pleasure
They would enjoy it but deep inside they are afraid
Now, I find myself near the middle
The cross is brighter than ever before

From above, a white light protects the cross
While deceived souls incarcerate, one by one, one by one

Shadow protects my ego
Ego protects my shadow
While this spirit of rebellion
Grows higher beside their path [x2]

Lies flying around, they cant hear
Instead they believe, ignorance flying
Lies [x2]

Now, I find myself near the end
A stronger soul a stronger mind,
My grey shadow is blackened
My grey shadow

These words created by men
These words created a god

The devil smiles once again...