The Grimmest Emotion Of All Letra


Impending Hell - EP

Letra de The Grimmest Emotion Of All
How misdirected can I be?
Have I failed you in any way?
Don't want you anymore
My love is greater, I'm greater, I shall not need you

The grimmest emotion of all, ill always fail since I'm mortal
Betrayed by whom I thought also faced god lies with wrath
Ill never learn, and will commit this same mistake over again
Since the hope never dies but never becomes true

Rejection and exact contrary over and over again
Will I find someone in the exact median?
The hope will never die but I will someday
May the hope, my writings and memory enamor thy witch

Come visit me on my grave, tear yourself on my mud
Immortalized my love will stay, God where were you?
Anticipate me witch, appear before my time comes to an end
Accompany my way ain't distant but pleasurable intense

Bringing a new homologous way of life
Connoting sunless skin, injecting adeptness to a soleness life
Already dead but born with coruscation
Visiting myself on the grave I feel overwhelmed by your presence laying there