Ecclesiastic Termination Letra


Impending Hell - EP

Letra de Ecclesiastic Termination
I was standing matchless
All I felt, all I left
Was the agonized youth
Of your defiled dreams
And when the silence insists
My mouth dries out
I convey the myth
Of your first enemy

Pretending I was saved
Taking me into this world
Dead I was, in my head
My trust, was dead

Bring thy misericord
Monastic fervor adverse
Bring thy misericord
Monastic fervor adverse

Slavery for one prayer
Slavery for one god
Lucifer I must be saved
Bring oblivion to their race

Annihilation, destruction, darkness, extermination
Obliteration, ruination, dissolution, termination
For all of you god escorts, lower your demands
For this has come to be the end