Letra de Living the Dream
When someone asks me where I'm going, I tell em' anywhere but here. Wherever that may be, I'm there. I'm running from the things I've done. I've done nothing that you ain't done. So, why am I still on the run? The days are short; the nights are long. When you're singing you're last song.

When someone asks me how I'm doing, I tell em' I'm doing just fine. Force a smile, justified. I'm half confused, but I'm alright. Just like every person I'm inclined to opinions on your modern life. Do you wonder why I don't say mine? 'Cause, you tell me I'm doing just fine. And, I know we're all just fine.

When someone asks me what I'm doing, I tell em' anything I want. They're baffled by my kiddish pun. When there's nothing left to do, I sleep. I like my rest, I love to dream. I was taught to work and then to bleed. Criticize my sloathful feet. 'Cause I'm living out my dream.