Letra de Squirrels
I tossed a diamond into the stream,
it was crazy, I couldn't help it was amazing.
It went forever cross the water but wouldn't stop and didn't skip
and never looked more beautiful than just before it hit.
So I swam out to look for it, underwater, just fish
and goose's feet slappin' me don't know what's happening,
I'm knockin' on each fish's den but not a single fish is in.
But you're so young and so in love,
but that ain't all she's been dreaming of.
She's dreaming of you,

I called you up late at night,
I just can't speak when I'm high.
I must've been lonely looking for a friend
then I had a great idea but I couldn't find a pen.
So I went for a drive at night,
saw a crazy sight,
saw a squirrel in the yard doing backflips for change
for a lady who vacuums her heartaches away.
She's saying where is my son,
where has he gone?
Oh, nothing changed when the squirrel left
but something sure changed when the girl left.
And now she's gone, gone,
and now she's gone, whoa.

I just keep writing the same song,
the guy's right and the dame's wrong
and the game's on.
so turn down that stereo and pass me the chips,
you won't even notice your brain start to slip.
And now they're gone, gone,
and now they're gone, whoa, whoa.