Letra de Poison
This mess becomes beneath us now
We cannot sweat this poison out
It's in my skin and in my mouth
And when I sing these lies come out

The hooks are deep but so's this lake
Oh, princess please, make mistakes
Let's make it seem like I've done right
So I can sleep well tonight

And it ain't the cost and you ain't the boss
It ain't like I'm not on your side
It ain't like I'm trying to keep you
When the secret is you want another guy
You're on my mind

You squeeze them ideas out, and I just forgot math
Got to make some space for the pain
Cause them words just left your mouth
Boarded a train bound for my destination brain
Welcome in, we've been waiting

We've been waiting

Drinking blood don't keep me young
It's just the taste on my tongue
It makes me stay up late and talk
Destroy yourself, what the fuck?