Pain (The Sad Fact) Letra

Neurosis Inc.


Letra de Pain (The Sad Fact)
[Letra & Música: J. Mackenzie]

Pain, pain, the sad fact
Pain, pain

Thank you for the pain
Thank you for the chaos
The very true friends for me
Throughout this dreadful life

Things are blacker then ever
A constant battle rages in my mind
When to end my life is the question left
Of the thing that will lay me to rest

Pain, pain, the sad fact [x2]
Pain, pain
My life has come to an end
My life is done

My selfish decision, the idea will come a fact
The world has overwhelmed my soul
There is nothing left of the warrior I used to be
Fought for years with a lot of tears

The sad fact is I will be soon be forgotten
My name will fade away, my body too
Cowardice will be the only word
That people will speak about me

[repite coro]

The good things I have done will rot
There is no other place worse than this world
I would like to change but I cannot
Things are very dark and unreal for me