Fire Is The End Lesson Letra


Fires Within Fires

Letra de Fire Is The End Lesson
Bring me
Bound to barren ground
My cracked skull
We bleed it all into the earth
I washed you out
The seasons we must bear
I bled you dry

Another eye
Reaping celestial fire
The deepest cut
with cave mouthed dogs
With nothing left
The entrails of the mother lie
I keep love

Truth is a rising tide
This river runs dry
The mill grinds us down
With stones around our necks

My dissectors read
The ever angled cloth
A bringer empty
An empty bringer
I will not question
You in my mind
The wall is open
And man is blind

The fire is the end lesson

All returners bind me
I wake to the pain of all returners
While I descend those
Fall in and breathe
Walled in spirit