Letra de City Of Walls
City of Grace A beautiful face Cannot repair Our yesterdays Your story is cold Your heart has been sold City of Walls The kiss of the sun The taste of the wind The scent of the truth The screams of the past The tears of your soul Can?t penetrate This City of Walls CHORUS Know that I will never disappear Break down the walls Dissolve the fear Heal the broken Let there be peace Take my hand We will be free City of pride Won?t look inside At the pain that you hide You can?t deny All that has died Although you try City of Walls CHORUS There?s nothing more My eyes are dry I can?t go on I?m in exile Just one more sunset Just one more night Just one more dawn We can survive CHORUS I can?t find my place In this City of Hate A Blanket of Shame One hope remains If you open the gates Breathe in our names Tear down the walls City of Walls