Letra de Sliced By Man
Neanderthals had a war-mongering nature
...a battle scarred warrior race
...a species soon to be pronounced dead
...a furious story told by time

A struggle between the various species

The dead caves reeked of death and excrement
Grotesque growling from a dying hominid throat
Craniums brutally bashed in, hundreds of separate skull fractures waiting to be consumed by earth

Massive slicing illustrating the era
Sliced by man
Burned proto-human muscles
Mess of bones and flesh
Sliced by man

All the skulls and limb bones were broken apart, presumably to remove brain or marrow
Only the hand and foot bones, containing no marrow, remained intact

Elimination of slimy Neanderthal nests...
Long wars to claim power on the continent...

Every conflict meant death for the ancient races
Their life cycle vanishing into thin air
No longer able to bring that morbid process to a halt

A greater mass terminated the strong -- a terrific storm of blood

No longer the Neanderthals exist
Mass elimination the humans couldn't resist
The desire for blood ...its the path humanity had chosen