Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace Letra


Neanderthals Were Master Butchers

Letra de Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace
After the 1856 fossil finds in Neander Valley, an ancient menace fogged the mankind's mind
Our origin was built on blood/ on the remains of a long dead species

Building up its strength, centuries later
The beings that have been
That human spirits had not seen

A species specialized in butchering
Marks a new era
Menace/threat in the form of undead neo-Neanderthals
Prehistoric elements of life brought into life/light

Human meat mountains, witnessing the catastrophe
The mutilated remains of humans
Tons of flesh, for raw consumption

Bedimmed streets with lurking bloodthirsties
Looted ruins have given up hope standing under the emptiness of the sky
Mutated muscles reflecting in the shadows
Illumination from burning newbirths
Mastering their new environment