Letra de Survival Beyond Death
Travelled beyond death
The body of the beautiful teen

Lay rotten on stone slabs
Grey hair covering her skull of sorrow
Cold sockets gathering worms
Many times unburied
The size of her waist, so narrow
You will be like this forever

A kiss upon your brow
No more sex without love
They do love you now
Even though your body is pale and wan

Light revealing the dead skin tone
Let her crotch alone
Green skin fluttering violently in the wind
In a barren, cold, unforgiving nest
Let her decay alone

After the tortures in the gardens
After the agony in stony places
The shouting and the crying
Now restless corpses trapped in the cave tombs
A Lazarus taxon by the name of Orang Pendek
Roaming the land-rooms of doom

To make mothers mourn
The words children say before they die
Low incipient notes murmured with a rich sound
Voices that make mothers mourn
Mumble low
In the gusts of wind

Long rotten
Grave forgotten

Travelled beyond death
The body of the beautiful teen
For that I can feel
That beyond her grave she waits for me