Letra de Homo Floresiensis
Homo floresiensis
Sexual predators

It was a dark deed done in the night
Not so long ago, we were not alone

They had hard, thicker eyebrow ridges than us, sharply sloping foreheads
No chins
Lonely roamers
Eyes black and blank
Hunt for cunts
Some dark souls with curious follies

Significantly smaller cranium capacity
Mental retardation
Mimicking advanced behaviours
He who eats anything
Human meat
Entrails of the child

Flores island in the sixteenth century grim and sombre
The mountains of mist and slumber
Massacre and murder, many a year
Feud unfading

In a warm, humid rainforest that teemed with death
Grime-ridden and gritty grey cave settings

Ambushing the young, a meter-tall hominid murderer
Death-shadow dark, lurking in the livelong night

Followed by fog and filthy air
A girl-thirsty wanderer

They watch village girls play
Waiting for nightfall to steal them away
Morning moisture blurring the blasphemy

Nonhuman in appearance
Behaviours were human
The obsession towards necrophilia
Accompanied by mutilation

They saw love as we see death
A playful play, joy from fresh cadavers
After death-day
Most painful of fuckings and feasts of the night