Letra de Entombment
Once a beauty
Buried into a hole of glory

Burial rituals

Anilingus with a half-fresh child
Their greatest dream is to kiss a grave girl
Strong feelings for one whole night
She cared not
Teats filled with tasty rot

The use of the mouth, tongue, and throat to stimulate dead genitalia
Pre-ejaculatory fluid into a post-mortem vagina

A lovely arse spread out too many times
Fingering till their fingers bleed
They just cannot let her corpse be

This is a precious cadaver
The breasts of women are the sweetest meat they ever tasted
With cold black blood
The phallus went up to his forehead whereat it rested
The cadaver must be cut open
A breeding ground for maggots
A moist blanket of mud
Good night, sweet lady!