Letra de Abolition
Gas: bitter death
A bleeding brood, a group of survivors
Outskirts of a dead city
Four females young, yelling at a lost city
Exodus from the underground
Condemned people
Seeking shelter from the undead Neanderthals
Travel round in front of lost architecture -- ruins --
Tread dead dust

A neo-Neanderthal ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls
Hacking in green blubbery human meat
Devour a urinous offal from all dead

Pulses were beating in their eyes, veiling the obscure sight
Their human eyes scream to the wasteland out of horror of their forecoming death

Before the dim dead sun
A shrouded massive cloudmass, a scattered dying maze

Crossbreeding between the red sun and the puzzle

Dead breaths the living breathe.
Mankind finds itself facing extinction
Self-preservation -- an ongoing saga of modern man facing his darkest side

Gas: bitter
Death: the four survivors

A period of time has passed
Isolated pockets of humanity struggle to survive
Looking for something lost in a past era:
Death yet life
Abolition of life