Letra de Unburying The Carrion
Seven weeks in a hole
Unburied for a play
A dead slave for the living
Romance and love in the tomb
A skeletal being, everything giving
Crushing her soft body

Their return to the grave of their lover
Old blood and maggots washed down in a strong cave river
Entrails in the cold groundwater decomposing for weeks

Small ugly fierce eyes scowled bloodthirstily over all of the
monocular carcass
On so much more to feast

The cunt of the dead child will be re-violated
The screams on her face will be reawakened
Mouth shut with two cocks
The flowing of warm semen will not stop
They wanted more from the dead than the living girl could ever give

They sank two more loads into the ripped cunt
No vaginal fluids this time
Tasting the rotting anus
The abdominal cavity filled with black sperm

Nine weeks pregnant
A child carrying a child
Eight weeks dead
Both of them